Date & Time: Wednesday, 25. Octobre 2023 , 2 pm

Open access is a vital concept that has transformed the way scholarly research is shared and distributed. Elsevier, a leading academic publisher, has made significant strides in providing open access to its publications. One of the critical tools that Elsevier uses to promote open access is open access licenses. This presentation will provide an overview of open access licenses offered by Elsevier, with a particular focus on CC BY.

What you can expect from this webinar:

  • Learn about different open access licenses, and why they are important?
  • Understand the different types of open access licenses available at Elsevier
  • Learn more about CC BY and how Elsevier supports it
  • Explore the benefits of open access licenses for authors, readers, and institutions
  • Understand the challenges and limitations of open access licenses

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