Der Springer-Verlag verlegt seit Jahren Fachliteratur im Bereich Forschung und Lehre. Die UB hat jetzt fünf neue E-Books aus den Bereichen Gesundheit und Soziales angeschafft. Sie stehen ab sofort zur Verfügung.

Handbook of Social Inclusion

  • highlights theoretical frameworks including social determinants, social justice, stigma/discrimination and cultural humility
  • covers research methodologies that enhance social inclusion including PAR and other inclusive/innovative methods
  • provides examples of research and programs/interventions that lead to social inclusion of people and communities

Higher Education: Handbook of Theory and Research

  • authoritative in the field of higher education
  • state-of-the-art reviews on topics important to higher education
  • an indispensable resource for higher education administrators, policymakers, and researchers

Handbuch Gesundheitssoziologie

  • systematischer Überblick
  • aktueller Forschungsüberblick
  • deckt die gesamte Thematik Gesundheit und Gesellschaft ab

Human rights in war

  • offers a range of disciplinary perspectives on violations of human rights
  • brings together the latest authoritative information and sound analysis on the multifaceted problems
  • provides a reliable basis for developing new strategies and approaches

Mental Health and Social Work

  • provides an inclusive and global framework
  • builds on findings from both research and practice
  • examines both established and innovative research findings

Alle Titel sind über den HilKat recherchierbar.